A World of Magic

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Juliana Chen and James Liu present: A World of Magic - The International Magician's Gala in partnership with Canada Chuan Sheng Culture & Media Group and The Vancouver Magic Circle, in its premiere showing in the Vancouver Magic Festival. Some of the world's top magicians will bring you some killer magic and illusions. 

Murray Hatfield & Teresa

Juliana Chen

Wayne Houchin

Aaron Crow

Ed Alonzo

Claudius Specht

Kevin James

We invite you to step into a world of magic, suspend your beliefs and leave reality behind.


Performance Dates

Sep 7, Fri 8:00pm
Sep 8, Sat 2:00pm
Sep 8, Sat 5:00pm
Sep 8, Sat 8:00pm
Sep 9, Sun 2:00pm
Sep 9, Sun 5:00pm
Sep 9, Sun 8:00pm
Tickets From $65
Dates Sep 7 to 9

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