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The Cultch Presents: Backbone, by Gravity & Other Myths (Australia)

From Gravity & Other Myths, the company that brought us 2015’s hit A Simple Space, comes Backbone. Backbone (literally) tosses around the perception of what strength is, where it comes from, and how it is measured. This international circus hit is a frenetic celebration of human interconnectedness that tests the limits of strength: physical, emotional, individual, and collective.

"Circus, as you’ve never seen it before, pushed to its conceptual and cerebral limits. A genre-defying, thought-provoking, visual extravaganza" — InDaily

Performance Dates

Oct 30, Tue 7:00pm - Doors: 6:00pm
Oct 31, Wed 7:00pm - Doors: 6:00pm
Nov 1, Thu 7:00pm - Doors: 6:00pm
Nov 2, Fri 7:00pm - Doors: 6:00pm
Nov 3, Sat 2:00pm - Doors: 1:00pm
Nov 3, Sat 7:00pm - Doors: 6:00pm
Nov 4, Sun 2:00pm - Doors: 1:00pm
Dates Oct 30 - Nov 4

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