Canada Scores Red Carpet Poetry Slam


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Canada Scores Red Carpet Poetry Slam

Our Poet-Athletes not only focus on soccer as part of their after-school programming but also on writing poetry. It helps with self-expression but on paper as well as build confidence. Our Poet-Athletes participate in City SLAM poetry, a form of performance poetry that combines the elements of performance, writing, friendly competition and audience participation. Some Poet-Athletes will be selected from each school and perform at the Regional Poetry SLAM! where each Poet-Athlete will recite their poem in front of their peers, friends, family, and general supporters.

New this year, we are taking new heights to enhance our annual Regional Poetry SLAM! and making it more spectacular highlighting our poet-athletes achievements and making each one's dream come true.

This event has been made possible in part by the Vancouver Civic Theatres.

Date Feb 28
Start time 7:00pm
Doors Open 6:00pm

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