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At Coastal Church, we want you to have great Easter Sunday experience. This year we’re excited to bring together all of our campuses for TWO grand celebration services at the Orpheum, Vancouver. When you arrive you’ll find the Easter service is not all that different from a regular Coastal Church weekend experience. You’ll be greeted with a warm welcome, and help from our team to find a seat and enjoy the service. During the service, we’ll celebrate the resurrection of our Saviour with dynamic worship music, stories of real life change, special media, musical elements, and a powerful message from our Senior Pastor, David Koop.

Doors to the auditorium will open no later than 30 minutes before the start of the service, so plan to arrive in plenty of time to park, head to the auditorium, and get settled in your seat. If you have children to check into our children’s ministry, we encourage you to plan additional time into your schedule.

Dates Apr 1, Sun 9:30am - Doors: 8:45am
Apr 1, Sun 12:30pm - Doors: 11:45am



At 90 years old, this historic building is an incredible setting for shows of all kinds. The Orpheum has hosted millions of people since it's opening in 1927. This opulent venue is a great way to see your favourite artist or experience the magic of the symphony. The interior features antique décor, sweeping staircases, and a domed auditorium complete with ceiling mural and crystal chandelier.

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