DanceHouse: Viva MOMIX

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Venue: Vancouver Playhouse

DanceHouse presents MOMIX in Viva MOMIX

In honour of MOMIX’s celebrated history, Viva MOMIX distills more than three decades of work into a compilation of audience and critical favourites – the result is a confetti-coloured explosion of old and new, a mash-up of illusion, beauty, and near-stratospheric levels of invention and creativity.

Choreographer Moses Pendleton’s unique blend of visual theatre combines ballet, acrobatics, and circus technique, with innovative lighting, costume, and sound to create a fantastical universe peopled with human flowers, Gila monsters, and ambulatory cacti. Elements of the natural world – animal, plant, and mineral – are transmuted through the skill and technical virtuosity of MOMIX dancers, who sculpt their bodies into theatrical creations that suspend the rational mind, and replace it with wonder and a glorious sense of play.


Tickets From $35
Dates Apr 12, Fri 8:00pm - Doors: 7:00pm
Apr 13, Sat 8:00pm - Doors: 7:00pm

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