Delinquent Theatre: Never the Last

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Delinquent Theatre presents Never the Last

Berlin 1919: A violin prodigy and composer meets an expressionist painter and war veteran. She is passionate, rude, and gifted; he is witty, emotional, and compassionate. Their love affair spans 10 years, four cities, artistic successes and failures, and tragedy. Nearly 100 years later, the most essential record of their time together lives in Sophie Carmen Eckhardt-Gramatté’s 10 violin compositions. Never The Last fuses classical music performance, movement, and text to tell the story of two people in love and the space between them.

This event is presented with support from the Vancouver Civic Theatres

Performance Dates

Apr 9, Tue 8:00pm
Apr 10, Wed 8:00pm
Apr 11, Thu 8:00pm
Apr 12, Fri 8:00pm
Apr 13, Sat 2:00pm
Apr 13, Sat 8:00pm
Apr 14, Sun 8:00pm
Apr 17, Wed 8:00pm
Apr 18, Thu 8:00pm
Apr 19, Fri 8:00pm
Apr 20, Sat 2:00pm
Apr 20, Sat 8:00pm
Tickets From $25
Dates Apr 9 - 20

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