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CreativeMornings presents a special GVPTA Theatre Evening Edition

This is a rare collaboration with our friends at the Greater Vancouver Professional Theatre Alliance with the financial assistance of the Province of British Columbia, the City of Vancouver and the BC Arts Council.

Join us for an intimate conversation with three talented creatives from Vancouver’s theatre community at a special *evening* edition of CreativeMornings/Vancouver. Deaf theatre artist Landon Krentz, set designer Heipo Leung, and playwright Yvonne Wallace discuss their journeys and the role of creativity in their lives, careers, and practices while addressing the global theme of CreativeMornings for November: ‘Restart’. The discussion is moderated by Janet Smith, style and arts editor of The Georgia Straight. 

Free admission with registration.

Heipo Leung works as a set designer in theatre and film/TV productions, but she didn’t grow up dreaming of a career in theatre. She was artistic, always drawing and making things with her hands when she was a kid, but she wasn’t aware of actual jobs related to this artsy doodling. The only art-related occupation she knew of involved cutting off one’s ears, starving, committing suicide, and gaining fame only after death. A bit bleak, she thought. She never treated her artistic inclinations seriously enough to take them further - yet in 2014, Heipo decided to leave her beloved Hong Kong to attend a Theatre Design Master’s Program in Vancouver. She cried on the first night of arrival missing her family and started to doubt that decision. It has been an exciting journey for her. Heipo looks forward to an uncertain future - like when an audience gets excited about what's behind the theatre curtain!

Landon Krentz is a bilaterally profoundly Deaf individual who is completely bilingual in American Sign Language (ASL) and English. As a Deaf artist, Landon brings a unique perspective to the role of Director of Artistic Sign Language for theatre organizations seeking to establish professional sign language theatre as an inclusive artistic practice. The role has allowed him to advocate for the inclusion of artists within the larger community so that Deafness is looked upon as a reflection of diversity and culture. He is a skilled ASL/English transcriber who understands the theatrical context into sign language. In 2018, Landon was given an Award of Merit for his work in inclusion and access in Vancouver.

Yvonne Wallace is Ucwalmicw from the Lil’wat Nation. A graduate of Capilano University and the Humber College Theatre Acting program, Yvonne developed an enthusiasm for playwriting began while working at The Centre for Indigenous Theatre. She has written three plays, “Smothered Sweetly”, “The Last Dance”, and “utszan”. The latter, her most personal body of work, is a story of mending family through first language homecoming; in it, Yvonne translated a character’s text into her first language, Ucwalmicwts. She is currently writing “7 Misconceptions of a Half-Breed Mother”, a tragicomedy about the public-school system.

Date Nov 27
Start time 7:30pm
Doors Open 6:30pm

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