I Am A-Lin

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A-Lin is a highly popular aboriginal Taiwanese pop singer, lyricist, and occasional composer of Amis descent, who has been described as a natural born diva. A-Lin has been experiencing a surge of popularity in recent years and has transformed herself into an influential star. She took a step up and became the producer of her own latest album which led her to discover new styles, elements, and arrangements in her musical appearances. She has become more engaging and expressive with her singing. In 2018, A-Lin will bring her new concert “I AM A-LIN” to North America. Apart from performing her many music hits, she will engage in more interaction with her fans, sharing stories and more of her inner self in an intimate concert setting; not only to create greater bonding between fans and herself but she hopes to use music to lift spirits and help other develop courage in times of strife.

Date Sep 25
Start time 7:30pm

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