Improvising Always with Stephen Prutsman and Buster Keaton

Sherlock Jr.

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Summer Music Vancouver: Improvising Always - with Stephen Prutsman and Buster Keaton

This is a show you don’t want to miss. Raucous and treacly, hilarious and sorrowful, wildly impressive and approachable. Who would have thought that in 1924, Buster Keaton could deliver a story with such a much-loved narrative out of these binary elements? This screening of Keaton’s comedy, Sherlock Jr, will be accompanied by a live performance of a jazzy, eclectic and inventive score for piano and string quartet composed by Stephen Prutsman. And, of course, to go with our theme, this wonderful work is both written and improvised. You will hear a chorus of kazoos, slide whistles, rattles, hoots, and hollers from an energetic and eager band of musicians playing alongside the wild antics of our hero, Sherlock Jr., as he attempts to solve a case and clear his name!

Stephen Prutsman, piano

Geoff Nuttall, violin

Vivian Li, violin

Eric Wong, viola

Adrian Fung, cello

Tickets From $40
Date Jul 14
Start time 7:00pm
Doors Open 6:00pm

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