Kid Koala Presents: Satellite

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Vancouver International Film Festival Special Event

In Kid Koala’s latest live innovation, the master Canadian DJ empowers his audience, drawing them into a communal experience of light and sound. The audience of 50 sits at stations, each equipped with a turntable, an effects box and a small crate of colour-coded records. Through subtly coloured lighting changes in the room, they’re cued to play along--DJs in a spontaneous collective, collaborating to create an "ambient vinyl orchestra."

An innovator from his first days as a turntablist, Kid Koala has moved beyond hip-hop into the realm of radical experimentation. With this show, he’s making participatory music on a high level—an interactive symphony in which the line between listener and composer is erased. The lowbrow word for this kind of experience is “trippy”; but more appropriate would be “sublime.” The show works its wonders on neophytes and DJ-music addicts alike. You could call it an equal-opportunity mind-blower, for as much as the music or the visuals, that’s what it’s about: equality. We’ve come a long way in music—from classical to rock and hip-hop, and now to wonders like this. Who knows what tomorrow will bring? Ask Kid Koala: he’s probably working on it.

Performance Dates

Oct 5, Fri 6:30pm
Oct 5, Fri 9:00pm
Oct 6, Sat 6:30pm
Oct 6, Sat 9:00pm
Oct 7, Sun 3:30pm
Oct 7, Sun 5:30pm
Tickets From $40
Dates Oct 5 - 7

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