Melodic Ballads of Taiwan

Featuring the Taiwu Ancient Ballad Troupe

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Taiwu Ancient Ballads Troupe is established by Tai Wu Primary School in Taiwu Village of Pingtung County in Taiwan. The school is located in the pivotal location to the Sacred Mountain Kavulugan (North Taiwu Mountain) of Paiwan tribe (Payuan). The mission of the Troupe is: “Sing our own songs in the name of the tribe; tell our own stories in the name of music.”

Taiwu Ancient Ballads Troupe was invited to perform in many countries, including the United States of America, Germany, France, Austria, Netherland, Belgium, Estonia, Switzerland, China, Japan, and Korea. The Troupe also performed jointly with Pipa (Chinese lute) Master Wu Man and Grammy Award winner, ukulele performer Daniel Ho, and was acclaimed as “The sound of nature which enables one to see the mountain and listen to the winds from the songs.” The Amazing Voice, recorded by NHK Japan, won the fifth place voted by global audiences. Several albums were also released; among them, “Vinqacan Ta Senay Nia Vuvu (Where The Songs Begin)” won five nominations and the “Best Music Interpretation Award” in The 23rd Golden Melody Awards in Taiwan., while “To and From the Heart“ won the “Best Aboriginal Album Award” in The 25th Golden Melody Awards in Taiwan.

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Date Jul 8
Start time 3:30pm
Doors Open 2:30pm

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