Na Ying

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Na Ying is considered one of today’s best female singers in Mainland China, having sold more than 10 million albums. She initially shot to fame when she released the song “Conquer” in 1998, one of the most difficult Chinese songs in history, using her rich baritone voice and her resonant high notes to truly win over the hearts of Chinese audiences.

After two decades in the industry, Na Ying continued to push herself to greater heights, releasing albums such as Conquer, Might As Well and A Heart-Souring Romance which sold over 5.8 million copies. She has also released a copious amount of classic hits such as “Passing By With a Smile”, “Awakening From A Dream”, “Just A Dream”, “Played Out”, “Might As Well” and “As Of Today” which have been covered by many well-known artists since. It has not only been her moving vocals which have captured the hearts of her fans, but also her straightforward and blunt personality which has caused fans to fall so deeply in love with her.

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Date Apr 10
Start time 7:30pm
Doors Open 6:30pm

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