Novelty Fashions - A Vintage Fashion Show

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Society for the Museum of Original Costume presents Novelty Fashions - A Vintage Fashion Show

SMOC presents a fashion show by one of our younger collectors and well-loved SMOC models, Beckiy Weinberger.

A collection of novelty pieces and outfits from the 1900’s-1980’s include a mix of pieces with fun or unusual novelty prints, as well as pieces that were a novelty at the time. Examples of these items include a 1940’s dress with a spider web print and a Campbell Soup paper dress.

SMOC would like to recognize the City of Vancouver’s Theatre Grant program. Theatre Rental Grants are non-cash grants that provide a partial subsidy towards theatre rental costs and technical costs for cultural non-profit organizations’ use of the City’s four Civic Theatres.



Date Nov 18
Start time 2:00pm
Doors Open 1:00pm

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