On the Strings of the Rain

An intriguing comedy

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On the Strings of the Rain - A Russian language play

Outside the window is the rainy London autumn. High ceilings, dank walls. The apartment is a lonely woman Bella. Sometimes it is visited by famous people, courageous generals, oriental beauties and American billionaires, but more often it has to spend days and nights in the company of a not verbose servant. Memories from a past, beautiful life wander around as ghosts and bright flashes come alive in the mistress's stories. But more and more often the evenings turn into a struggle with a terrible tormenting loneliness. And suddenly, a bell rings. The visit of a young man as an opportunity of real life, as a chance to start again, as a new motive in the melody of the ancient tango.

A romantic comedy with detective elements permeated with light humor and the charm of the London rain.


Date Jun 5
Start time 8:00pm
Doors Open 7:00pm


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