Queer Film Fest: White Rabbit

Director Daryl Wein

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Sophia (comedian Vivian Bang) is a struggling artist living in LA, trying to make meaningful work and pay her bills while working as a “task rabbit” doing other people’s errands. Reeling from a recent break-up and wondering if her work matters to anyone beyond herself, Sophia stubbornly performs wherever she can: in supermarkets, malls, parks, on the side of the road, and in front of her computer screen. Her public performance work mostly engages with her uncomfortable and incomplete thoughts around the heightened racial tensions between African Americans and Korean Americans after the 1992 LA riots, sparked by the death of Rodney King at the hands of police.

One day she has a messy encounter with another woman, Victoria (Nana Ghana), who she then begins to see everywhere. The two strike up an unlikely and intimate friendship. Victoria is a photographer and artist herself, ambitious, funny, and insightful. She pulls Sophia out of her own head and into conversations about race, gender, art, and family. But when Victoria leaves on a trip to follow her own artistic dreams, Sophia’s feelings for her intensify. Will she be able to hold it together, in love and her own creative work?

This delightfully odd and complex comedy premiered at Sundance and has been screening at queer film festivals across the world.

This film is rated PG.

Tickets From $12
Date Aug 15
Start time 7:00pm

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