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RavenSPEAK is a learning space, speaker showcase event, and Indigenous Speakers Hub. RavenSPEAK is where Indigenous leaders and storytellers are visible, masterful, amplified, and connected. Where stories are told, truths are unearthed, voices are heard, and a new narrative begins. Together we will elevate the compelling voices, vital messages, and remarkable profiles of Indigenous peoples.

RavenSPEAK: Amplified is an evening showcase event with incredible Indigenous change-makers sharing personal, punchy, passionate, powerful talks. Vancouver Civic Theatres is a co-presenter at the Annex - a spunky venue in the heart of downtown Vancouver.

Vicki Lynne George - EMCEE
Laurie Sterrit I Founder Indigenous Women's Leadership Summit
Mary Point I Manager, Indigenous Relations YVR
Alexander Dirksen I Program Director, Community Knowledge Exchange
Racelle Kooy
Autumn Walkem
Wawmeesh Hamilton I Discourse Media
Madelaine McCallum

RavenSPEAK program - Indigenous Leaders and Storytellers - visible, masterful, amplified, & connected. www.ravenspeak.ca

Date Dec 11
Start time 6:00pm

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