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Demography Collision

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RED Talks: Demography Collision

How does a city perfect its decision-making to create the most livable place for its citizens? How do we as planners, builders and residents shape our community and industry for the future?

Populations will continue to shift, cultures will come together and urban centres will continue to become denser. Our cities, particularly Vancouver, have become regions of rapidly changing demographic melds. How do we create new solutions? In these expanding global hubs, the values and viewpoints ranging from Millennials and Boomers to International Cultures and Home-grown Traditionalists collide in a very visible, often provocative, manner. How do we make the city affordable and livable for all? How does it emerge as a new and stronger element? How do we balance industry and cultures? How do past learnings and future technology combine?


Date May 31
Start time 5:30pm
Doors Open 5:30pm

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