Oh Death, Rock Me Asleep

re:Naissance Opera

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re:Naissance Opera presents Oh Death, Rock Me Asleep

The year is 1536. For the past three years, England and its people have been at the mercy of a hostile political environment after the country renounced its ties to the Roman Catholic Church. At the heart of this conflict stand two English Queens: Catherine of Aragon, a devout Roman Catholic, and Anne Boleyn, the woman who inspired the English Reformation. re:Naissance Opera and TENET Vocal Artists (NYC) invoke the ghosts of these English Queens and tell the tale of their intertwined lives through songs and ballads from their iconic courts.

This performance is made possible by Vancouver Civic Theatres and features Jolle Greenleaf, Soprano; Debi Wong, Mezzo-Soprano; Solmund Nystabakk & Charles Weaver, Lutes.

Tickets From $29
Date Feb 10
Start time 3:00pm

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