Rice & Beans Theatre: Chicken Girl

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Rice & Beans Theatre presents Chicken Girl

Chicken Girl follows the surreal adventures of a 24-hour Chinese fried chicken restaurant worker investigating the mysterious disappearance of her boss, Uncle Chan; a homesick intergalactic rock star drifting through space looking for his home planet; and a submariner embarking on a one-way pilgrimage to a legendary forest at the bottom of the sea with the help of a human-sized cat. Intertwining snappy dialogue, poetic ruminations, and flamboyant rock numbers, Chicken Girl is a vibrant reflection on the meaning of existence and an incantation to raise hope at times of colourlessness.

Written and directed by co-artistic director Derek Chan, whose multicultural aesthetic has been described by critics as "oddly compelling" and has a knack for making the audience feel "welcomed and comfortable in the hostile universe of [the plays he creates]," Chicken Girl is an unmissable experience dedicated to lovers of adventure and those of us who have been lost (and found) along the way. Chicken Girl is a rice & beans theatre production, developed as a company collaboration with Playwrights Theatre Centre, with support from the Canada Council for the Arts, the BC Arts Council, and the City of Vancouver.

Performance Dates

May 24, Fri 8:00pm
May 25, Sat 8:00pm
May 26, Sun 2:00pm
May 28, Tue 2:00pm
May 29, Wed 8:00pm
May 30, Thu 8:00pm
May 31, Fri 8:00pm
Jun 1, Sat 2:00pm
Jun 1, Sat 8:00pm
Jun 2, Sun 2:00pm
Jun 4, Tue 2:00pm
Jun 5, Wed 8:00pm
Jun 6, Thu 8:00pm
Jun 7, Fri 8:00pm
Tickets From $20
Dates May 24 to Jun 7

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