RZA: Live from the 36th Chamber of Shaolin

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Vancouver International Film Fest presents:

The award-winning musician, film director and leader of rap group Wu-Tang Clan, RZA comes to live score the Kung-fu flick that’s been one of his biggest influences: Lau Kar-Leung's The 36th Chamber of Shaolin. Using a Wu-Tang catalog over two decades deep, he drops beats from the opening scene to closing credits, amplifying the action of this martial arts classic.

Long before he was a rapper and producer, RZA was an obsessive fan of movies like Lau’s. He first saw The 36th Chamber of Shaolin on TV at the age of 12, and he’s now come full circle to combine two loves of his life: the aggressive instrumentals of hip-hop and the wild kinetics of martial arts.

As you might guess, the combination is explosive - a real-time orchestration that will have your head nodding even as you can’t take your eyes off the screen. RZA has scored films before, but the achievement here is on another level. Hip-hop heads, Kung-fu film fans and anybody who wants to see some electrifying innovation, this is for you.

Date Oct 9
Start time 8:15pm

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