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Sky Theatre Group presents Soldierland

Soldierland is about three soldiers who just survived a war but couldn’t catch the last train to return home, they have been left behind in a desolate area in the front lines. All three of them find themselves in a demolished train station.

This play is mostly about the negative effects of war on individuals and on social life, it is about a continued war in micro-societies, it is about the most concerning and questionable subject of our time around the world, which is war; it is also about the changes in societies, migrations and psychological effects of wars on individuals and communities. It also questions love and humanity in an era of war influenced by the power of mass media and authorities in the digital age.

Performance Dates

May 18, Fri 8:00pm - Doors: 7:00pm
May 19, Sat 8:00pm - Doors: 7:00pm
May 20, Sun 3:00pm - Doors: 2:00pm
May 21, Mon 8:00pm - Doors: 7:00pm
May 22, Tue 8:00pm - Doors: 7:00pm
May 23, Wed 8:00pm - Doors: 7:00pm
May 24, Thu 8:00pm - Doors: 7:00pm
Tickets From $12
Dates May 19 - 24

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