Sound of Dragon Ensemble & Toronto Chinese Orchestra

Presented by the Sound of Dragon Music Festival

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Sound of Dragon Ensemble and Toronto Chinese Orchestra Chamber Players

Sound of Dragon Ensemble (Vancouver)
Established in 2015 and debuted at the 2016 Sound of Dragon Music Festival, the Sound of Dragon Ensemble brings together some of the most skillful Vancouver musicians from both the east and the west: Nicole Li (erhu), Lan Tung (erhu & voice), Marina Hasselberg (cell), Charlie Lui (dizi), Mark McGregor (flute), Itamar Erez (guitar), Zhimin Yu (ruan), and Jonathan Bernard (percussion). This instrumentation has been carefully selected by pairing Chinese and western instruments in the families of the winds, plucked strings and bowed strings, completed by a collection of percussion instruments from both the east and the west. Its repertoire includes works by Canadian, US, Taiwanese, Chinese, Italy, and UK composers.

Toronto Chinese Orchestra Chamber Players (Toronto)
The Toronto Chinese Orchestra Chamber Players (TCO-CP) form the Toronto Chinese Orchestra’s (TCO) professional core. Members of the Chamber Players have extensive musical training and are established artists and teachers in the community. Their experiences as solo, ensemble, and orchestral musicians allow them to perform the most demanding repertoire at the highest level. Together, musicians of the Chamber Players perform traditional Chinese music as well as contemporary works by Canadian and international composers. They promote new music for traditional Chinese instruments through public performances, workshops, and demonstrations, both at home in Toronto and abroad. As an integral part of the Toronto Chinese Orchestra, the Chamber Players enjoy multiple national and international connections, which have led to collaborations with the BC Chinese Ensemble in Vancouver (April 2017) and the Edmonton Chinese Philharmonic (October 2016), as well as partnerships and performances in Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Date Apr 8
Start time 7:30pm
Doors Open 6:30pm

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