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Ka Dao Yin

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The Taiwanese Canadian Cultural Society (TCCS) presents a ground-breaking international collaboration, crossing east and west. Taiwan's award-winning ensemble Ka Dao Yin and Vancouver's all-star band Proliferasian share many common interests. Both quartets combine jazz and Asian traditional instruments in their lineup. Both have mastered the art of seamlessly switching gears between playing composed music and improvising on the spot. The ensembles have even drawn inspiration from the same folk materials, but have found distinctive directions to develop them into unique works. At this concert, these two bands will perform together for the first time. Come and join us on this adventurous journey.

Ka Dao Yin
World music improvisation ensemble KaDaoYin, are based in Taipei and London. The signature combination of C-saxophones/flute, piano, and the colorful traditional Chinese instruments sheng and guzheng, stand at the crossroads of Chinese and Western music culture. The acoustic sound of Ka Dao Yin, loosely structured, but deeply felt, draws from Contemporary Classical Music, Chinese and Asian Folk Music, Free Improvisation and Jazz, and everything in between. Both of the band's two CDs: Four Characters and Slow have won multiple prizes and awards for both contemporary music and traditional arts. The musicians are Klaus Bru C-saxophone, Li-Chin Lu sheng/Chinese mouth organ, Chun-Te Liu zheng/Chinese zither, Shih Yang Lee piano.

Proliferasian performs cutting-edge music rooted in Chinese music and avant-garde jazz, representing the merging of two genres. Encompassing both rhythmic intricacy in its compositions and the fluidity and spontaneity in creative improvisation, Proliferasian is a unique voice rising from the west coast of Canada. The musicians explore the contrasting, complimenting, and sometimes contradicting natures of multiple influences. The result is a new musical species that proliferates and transforms continuously. Proliferasian may take inspiration from Asian music, literature, landscape, legends, or paintings, but its music will definitely break any preconceptions of Asian cultures. Formed in 2012, Proliferasian consists of some of Vancouver's most innovative musicians: Lan Tung (erhu/Chinese violin & vocals), JP Carter (trumpet and electronics), Colin Cowan (bass), and Kevin Romain (drums).

Tickets From $17
Date Oct 28
Start time 7:30pm
Doors Open 6:30pm

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