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Automotive Industry Disruption: Thriving in a Time of Change

TRADER presents Carology – the must-attend event for automotive industry professionals! Carology brings together hundreds of fellow automotive industry professionals to hear firsthand experiences of what it takes to win in an increasingly competitive digital automotive landscape. This exclusive event will be packed with relevant industry insights for auto dealers, OEMs, and agencies!

This years’ theme focuses on the disruption within the automotive industry and how to thrive during this transitional time period. The shift in technological advances and consumer expectations are continuing to have an impact. However, what remains unclear is how we can get ahead. Industry leaders will share their knowledge and advice, backed by consumer data evidence, to help us adapt and prepare for the future. Join us for this educational session to learn how we can succeed and steer the automotive industry in a positive direction.


Date Oct 15
Start time 9:30am
Doors Open 9:15am

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