Taiko M.A.D.

Presented by Uzume Taiko

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Taiko M.A.D ., Uzume Taiko’s latest live concert is a collaborative work of taiko drumming, wind instruments and electronic music where earthly taiko drums and percussion instruments pair with ethereal melodic wind instruments and driving rhythmic electronic music. The mythological Japanese “Oni” characters add mischief to the scene. Come ‘beat' the CRAZY heat to the ‘beat’ of the Japanese Taiko Drums!!

The evening’s repertoire will include remix tracks of Uzume ‘s repertoire, new taiko drum compositions, and new taiko and percussion compositions using live wind instruments and electronic pads.

Uzume Taiko musical director Jason Overy notes, “Max Murphy and I have been music colleagues for the past twenty years in our careers working with musicians and contemporary dancers in the Vancouver music and dance communities. This will be Uzume Taiko’s first in-depth collaboration with taiko drums and electronic music.” Max Murphy is a Toronto born, Vancouver raised multi-instrumentalist and electronic musician. He has performed, toured and recorded with a diverse array of local acts such as Battery Opera, Five Alarm Funk, Buckman Coe, and Jazz Pianist Paul Plimley.

Uzume Taiko is Canada’s first professional taiko group with a goal to create and perform new works for the taiko drum and to collaborate with other performing artists to develop and perform multidisciplinary and cross cultural works. Uzume Taiko includes mythological masked characters in their work to symbolize the connection to Japan’s history of the taiko drums. This project is made possible with the support of the Vancouver Civic Theatres and the Province of BC.

Tickets From $17
Dates Jul 6, Fri 8:00pm - Doors: 7:00pm
Jul 7, Sat 8:00pm - Doors: 7:00pm

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