VAM Suzuki Festival Concert

Vancouver Academy of Music

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Since 1969, Vancouver Academy of Music's reputation has been built on the success of our Suzuki program with some of North America’s most experienced instructors of this proven methodology. One of the most primary principles of the Suzuki method is the importance placed in music as a shared experience, reflected in this culminating festival where many young musicians come together to share the fruits of several hours of practice and the uninhibited joy of budding friendships based on a creative pursuit.

Free Admission

Date May 27
Start time 2:00pm
Doors Open 1:00pm


Orpheum auditorium from upper balcony Concert pianist


At 90 years old, this historic building is an incredible setting for shows of all kinds. The Orpheum has hosted millions of people since it's opening in 1927. This opulent venue is a great way to see your favourite artist or experience the magic of the symphony. The interior features antique décor, sweeping staircases, and a domed auditorium complete with ceiling mural and crystal chandelier.

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