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Vancouver International Flamenco Festival

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The Vancouver International Flamenco Festival: Kasandra Flamenco Ensemble

The Kasandra Flamenco Ensemble presents Solo Flamenco, a showcase of flamenco artistry at the highest caliber with a combustible onstage chemistry that possesses a shared musical energy that flows like water and skips like fire. The show takes the audience on an emotional journey through the passionately dark to the delightfully cheeky. With fire, spirit, and a profound musicality, the Kasandra Flamenco Ensemble is at once a feast for the eyes, the ears, and the soul.

Solo Flamenco features guest singer Jafelin and Cadiz guitarist, Miguel Angel Ramos, in a fiery and passionate presentation of traditional flamenco dance, song, and music with some contemporary and international twists! The flamenco music in Solo Flamenco presents its roots with cante jondo in Seguiriyas, while also fluidly weaving the Cuban Tres in Garrotin. Vancouver bailarora Kasandra La China presents various styles of flamenco dance so that audiences can experience Flamenco Antiguo (old fashioned), Flamenco Puro (pure) and Contemporary styles of flamenco dance.

Kasandra Flamenco Ensemble also welcomes to the program award-winning contemporary dancer, Alvin Erasga Tolentino of Co. ERASGA, in a new experimental piece called Passages & Rhythm, choreographed in collaboration with Kasandra La China. Flamenco and Contemporary dance collide in this transcultural amalgamation of movement and tradition.

Tickets From $30
Date Sep 26
Start time 8:00pm
Doors Open 7:00pm

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