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The Vancouver International Flamenco Festival proudly presents the Canadian debut of Spain’s Sara Calero Company.

Sara Calero is one of the main current references in the renewal of both Spanish and flamenco dance. Premiering in the Choreographic Contest of Madrid and the Festival of Jerez, Sara Calero has a background in solid classical training and has acquired experience in important companies such as the National Ballet of Spain, the Andalusian Dance Company, the Antonio Márquez Company and the Iberian Dance Company. Her talent has lit up stages alongside prominent flamenco singers like Carmen Linares, and Esperanza Férnandez. Petisa Loca, which she will perform in Vancouver, is the fourth production of her own work, after Zona Cero [‘Zone Zero’], El Mirar de la Maja “The Gaze of the Maja”, and Cosmogonía [‘Cosmogony’]. Petisa Loca features dancer/choreographer Sara Calero, singer Loreto Arnaiz, guitarist José Almarcha, and the electronic music of The Lab.

This piece shares the diaspora diaries of a woman and all women as thousands of Spaniards were forced to emigrate between Europe and America in the mid-twentieth century. An emotive work, Petisa Loca asks the question: "Is there a place for oneself?" as it works through issues of fear, hope, uncertainty, and displacement in a new, unfamiliar world.

Tickets From $35
Date Sep 22
Start time 8:00pm
Doors Open 7:00pm

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