Vancouver Opera: The Overcoat

A musical tailoring

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A groundbreaking new co-production with Toronto’s Canadian Stage Company and Tapestry Opera. Canadian composer James Rolfe’s The Overcoat - a musical tailoring runs throughout the Festival, with post-Festival performances. Leslie Dala conducts members of the VO Orchestra in this production, with sets designed by award-winning designer Ken MacDonald, costumes by Nancy Bryant, and lighting design by Alan Brodie. Initially based on an 1842 short story by Russian author Nikolai Gogol in which an office worker has his life turned upside down when he’s robbed of his new overcoat, The Overcoat was transformed into a physical theatre production in 1998 by Morris Panych and Wendy Gorling. Morris Panych returns to craft this new opera as librettist and director at the Vancouver Playhouse where the original creation premiered 20 years ago.
Baritone Geoffrey Sirett sings the role of Akakiy, and Saskatchewan-born baritone Peter McGillivray is Petrovich. Yulanda M. Faris Young Artists Program Alumni Caitlin Wood and Aaron Durand join the all Canadian cast.

The Overcoat - a musical tailoring will be sung in English with English SURTITLES™.

This production is generously sponsored by The McGrane-Pearson Endowment Fund.

Performance Dates

Apr 28, Sat 7:30pm - Doors: 6:15pm
Apr 29, Sun 7:30pm - Doors: 6:15pm
May 2, Wed 2:00pm - Doors: 12:45pm
May 4, Fri 7:30pm - Doors: 6:15pm
May 5, Sat 2:00pm - Doors: 12:45pm
May 6, Sun 2:00pm - Doors: 12:45pm
May 9, Wed 7:30pm - Doors: 6:15pm
May 10, Thu 7:30pm - Doors: 6:15pm
May 11, Fri 7:30pm - Doors: 6:15pm
May 12, Sat 7:30pm - Doors: 6:15pm
Tickets From $42
Dates Apr 28 - May 12

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