VCT is committed to the health and safety of its clients, staff and crew. VCT has safety plans in place for each area
of operation including Back of House & Stage Production, Stage Door & Security and Front of House Operations.

We require a safety plan for each event that takes place at VCT. The safety plans should be sent directly to
your Booking and Event Coordinator to arrange review and approvals. We ask for safety plan submission a
minimum of two weeks before your event date.


Event Requirements:

• An event safety plan including provision of PPE and documenting Covid19 training for cast and crew

• Use of masks are an expectation in all public spaces of the VCT

• Total numbers of cast, crew, suppliers, and other staff who would be on‐site, we will need a list in advance

• Maximum capacity is based on the ability to create safe distances between cast and crew

• Stage plot, list of Technical requirements, production schedule and running order

• Back of House needs – dressing rooms, change areas, other space requirements

• Who from your organization will conduct health check upon arrival, distribute PPE, ensure compliance with
safety protocols during event (non‐COV participants) – this is required for all spaces

• Front of House needs – do you require our lobby space, washrooms, other space requirements


When reviewing your plan, VCT will be looking for the following information:

• Is this just a rehearsal, or is it a recording / webcast?

• How many performers and crew are involved?

• How will you implement the safety measures outlined in your safety plan, in staging this production?

• How will you ensure physical distancing between the performers?

• If physical distancing of the performers is not possible, what steps will you be taking to minimize the risk?

• What are your ingress and egress plans to ensure proper social distancing?

• Will there be food or any other hospitality setup?

• Will you be using our lobby spaces? For what purpose?


Your event safety plans will be review and approved by the safety plan committee. They will reach out for
clarification if needed. If you have specific safety plans for each departmental area please reach out accordingly.

Below is the contact information:

Paul McManus
Senior Manager of Production
P: 604-665-3024

Phillip Iosef
Security Manager
P: 604.665.2181

Ish Guremel
Audience Services Manager
P: 604.665.3372


Event Day Client Expectations are for the day of the event and/or each day of the booking (if it is multiple day) - we require a health and safety coordinator from the client’s team. This individual will be responsible for the following:

• Client health and safety coordinator to identifying themselves to the VCT staff person on sight

• Client health and safety coordinator MUST conduct a health and safety check-in for all non-VCT
participants including: Artists, Crew, production staff members

• Client health and safety coordinator MUST use the attached questionnaire to conduct their personnel’s
health check

• Client health and safety coordinator is responsible for collecting contact tracing details for non-VCT
participants contact tracing including: Artists, Crew and production staff members (form attached)

• Client health and safety coordinator is responsible for ensuring safety measures outlined in organization
safety plan are met

• Client health and safety coordinator is responsible for distribution of PPE and communicating the
expectations that masks be worn in all public spaces of VCT venues

• Client health and safety coordinator is responsible for providing the details of the health check and
contact tracing to stage door upon completion of the event


The contact tracing and health check documents will be securely stored for 30 days and will be
safety destroyed once the timeline has been reached


Access resources below to develop a safety plan for your cast, crew, and contractors:


WorkSafe BC: