Art gallery wall in the Queen Elizabeth Theatre

Arts and culture are integral to a city’s distinct personality and flair, which is why we're committed to connecting locals with their civic spaces through programming, events and partnerships.

Vancouver Civic Theatres looks to use its venues as gallery space to provide an opportunity for local visual artists and arts organizations to exhibit their work. These artists are selected through a call and jury process which occurs biennially. The artists range from emerging and mid-career to more established artists. Our intention is for both artists and visitors to experience and share in the work, using art as a catalyst for individual and community engagement.

Exhibitions will be available for viewing during show times for ticket holders. There will also be opportunities to view the exhibitions without a ticket through our seasonal Visual Arts Open House. Open House dates and information will be listed below once available.

Spring 2019 Exhibitions

Benjamin Poulton – Inphotography

March 28 – June 21, 2019
Queen Elizabeth Theatre Lobby
Mezzanine Level

Inphotography focuses on the connection between composition and subject. It places the subjects in suspension, between what is going to happen and what has already happened. It is life as it unfolds.

This photographic exhibition blends the use of form and straight photography into distilled moments of time. Sometimes taking up to a single year to create the image by revisiting each location several times. An arduous process and metaphor for life. A reminder that it is in the letting go of, where we find brilliance.

Benjamin Poulton is a photo-based artist living in Vancouver whose interest in photography developed in his early twenties while attending college. In the latter years of his career as an outdoor adventure guide, Benjamin became increasingly curious about photography as an art form, which led him to re-evaluate his direction in life.

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Vancouver Community College - Jewellery Art and Design

April 11 – June 21, 2019
Queen Elizabeth Theatre Lobby
Balcony Level

VCC Jewellery

VCT’s creative spaces showcase and empower local artists and artist collectives by providing accessible and high impact gallery spaces. VCT’s partnership with the Vancouver Community College allows graduates of the Jewellery Art and Design program to display their award-winning work in the Queen Elizabeth Theatre lobby.

The current exhibition features work from Raphael Braga, Sadaf Aghabeygi, Ruby Rue, and Mayari Rodriguez.

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Chantell Brown – Distorting Development

April 3 – June 18, 2019

Chantell Brown photo

Street closures, noise pollution, concrete dust and traffic. These are examples of what you will encounter in downtown Vancouver. Large high-rise condo developments create employment opportunities and ease the housing shortage; however, these unaffordable homes obscure the city’s breathtaking mountain views with concrete and glass.

Inspired by impressionist ‘plein air’ painters, this series uses practical glass and plastic filters in order to transform the destruction of Vancouver’s skyline into art.

Chantell Brown grew up in Montreal, Quebec. She first started photography in high school using black and white film, learning how to develop her own negatives and prints. Since then, Chantell has switched to digital and continues to experiment with using different practical filters and photography techniques.

Artist Website

Arts Umbrella - Gallery for Young Artists

April 8 – August 30, 2019
Playhouse Lobby

Arts Umbrella Teen Program

VCT’s creative spaces showcase and empower local artists and artist collectives by providing accessible and high impact gallery spaces. VCT’s partnership with Arts Umbrella brings youth creators to the forefront of the arts & culture community. The current exhibition features work from the Drawing and Painting class for 13 - 19 year-olds, led by Martin Guderna.

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