Songs from the Himalayas

By Ansa Garangdengzhen

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Venue: Queen Elizabeth Theatre

At the Queen Elizabeth Theatre

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VISM presents: Ansa Garangdengzhen: Songs from the Himalayas 

This is a voice you have never heard before. Songs from the Himalayas: it's not just the sound of nature - listening to the songs of Ansa. GaRangDengZhen (Zen) rang is like crossing to the ancient Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, the sacred GangRenBoQie snow mountain and the prostrate pilgrims; Like experiencing the original buttered tea, and the passionate dance, this is not so much as coming to enjoy a high-level Concert by powerful singers as much as it is an incisive experience of the mysterious Tibetan culture. Since Zen's debut in the top 10 of the China Talent contest in 2014, he has created more than 30 original Tibetan style songs. He has been invited to perform all over the world and has won numerous awards. He has been a permanent guest of CCTV music channel and variety channel for eight consecutive years. With integrity, kindness, simplicity, positive energy and strength, he has been selected as a member of the Sichuan Youth Federation, China Musicians Association, China Federation of literary and Art Volunteers Association. Please come to his concert and experience Tibetan nature through his voice.

Date Aug 13
Start time 7:30pm

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