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Beauty's Beast presented by East Van Opera

East Van Opera is back with our second original score for the exciting presentation of our newest opera, Beauty’s Beast. Come for an evening of luscious harmonies and hauntingly beautiful melodies as our talented cast present this new music by local composer Allison Cociani. The libretto penned by Anna Shill, is an expression of compassion and selflessness, as it dives into issues facing consent, Stockholm syndrome, female empowerment, and critical self discovery.

This modern take on the classic fairy tale Beauty and the Beast will be sure to inspire and entertain. With Julie McIsaac at the helm as our director, and Perri Lo leading us as our collaborative pianist, our all female creative team ensures that Beauty’s Beast is a project that is consistent with our goal of delivering artistic experiences curated by women.

Our artistic director, Allison Cociani see’s this opportunity in reaching out to the community of Vancouver, to bring a new awareness surrounding opera. She believes contemporary opera and new music may be something the public could be unsure of, but alongside this, she offers a clear connection to something they do know, the ‘Beauty and the Beast’ story. Given its fairy tale origins and long-standing place in pop culture, East Van Opera position themselves to welcome those who might otherwise be scared or doubtful of attending an opera. We counter the assumption that advanced knowledge or education is required in order to "understand" opera. Rather, we offer a contemporary opera that is familiar in its content, though innovative in its form.

Don’t miss this chance to witness music being made in your community in its most independent and innovative form. The indie opera movement is growing quickly in British Columbia, and we are so happy to be a part of this amazing community and have the chance to share our vision with you!

Tickets From $30
Dates Sep 6, Fri 7:30pm
Sep 7, Sat 2:30pm
Sep 7, Sat 7:30pm

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