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At the Vancouver Playhouse

Blend is a two day conference style party in Vancouver for the motion, design and animation community. SOLD OUT!

For the last 9 years, Wine after Coffee has hand-picked the most exceptional animations for your healthy audiovisual diet. A regular feast of inspiration pushes us to do better, and we go even further when we work together—so we decided to gather this unique talent under one roof.

This conference/party is carefully curated and created with much love by a small group of people: Jorge, Teresa, Claudio & Sander. They wanted to create a place for their motion, design & animation family to call home; to make a festival for the community, by the community. So they started Blend.

The heart of Blend and Wine after Coffee is to be a place, online and offline, where people from all around the world share awesome work, get inspired, learn, and collaborate. Because when we get together, amazing things happen.

Dates Sep 20, Fri 8:00am
Sep 21, Sat 8:00am

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