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Venue: Vancouver Playhouse

At the Vancouver Playhouse

Jika Jika presents The Blindboy Podcast Live

The Blindboy podcast is a storytelling podcast in the Irish tradition of the Seanchaí. Seamlessly Intertwining history, fiction, cultural critique and politics into a relaxing form the author calls “The podcast hug”.

With humble beginnings as a short-term tool to promote his first book, over the past two years this podcast has grown to international success with listenership's reaching one million per month. Blindboy is a best-selling author of fiction, who has written two collections of short stories. He has over a decade of experience writing for television, having made shows for BBC, ITV, Channel 4, MTV and RTE.

He is also a songwriter, musician and producer with his group the Rubberbandits, who have amassed over 100 million Youtube views and have toured the world as a theatre act. The Blindboy podcast is the creative summation of all these experiences

Blindboy is also an academic, having completed a masters degree in 2015 in creative practice and the social environment. He draws upon this to democratize topics such as art, psychology, politics, science and music. Offering a unique and humorous insights into issues which are perceived to be complex Mental health is a frequent topic on the Blindboy podcast.


Date Apr 28
Start time 8:00pm
Doors Open 7:00pm

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