Bloom Inspiration Summit

Featuring Jann Arden

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At the Queen Elizabeth Theatre

Vancouver Civic Theatres is working to create a safe environment to welcome guests, artists, and staff back to our venues. For the latest information on COVID-19 procedures at VCT venues, please visit our COVID-19 Updates Page here.

Evalina Beauty and Simply Beautiful, Bloom present Bloom Inspiration Summit featuring an intimate conversation with Jann Arden 

The Juno award-winning Canadian entertainer will share her personal journey, the importance of adaptability, being built for change, and finding good—and even funny—things, in the most difficult of situations. Jessica Janzen on loss, heartache, and bringing joy to your life regardless of what you are walking through. Megan Golightly on simplifying your life so you can enjoy the small moments and transformation within your home and life Dr. Shimi Kang on how to build essential life skills and improve your life through resilience innovation and connection. Dr. Carolin Klein on intimacy and talking bluntly and openly about sex and sexuality. Claudia Chirico on powerful healing tools to elevate your thinking and empower you to reach your full potential.

The Bloom Inspiration Summit will light a fire inside you, leave you dreaming big and show you how to spark more joy.

Jann Arden
Jessica Janzen
Meg Golightly
Dr. Shimi Kang
Dr. Carolin Klein
Claudia Chirico

Date Sep 24
Start time 9:00am
Doors Open 8:15am

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