Dorrance Dance

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Venue: Vancouver Playhouse

DanceHouse presents Dorrance Dance in SOUNDspace

Summoning thunder and lightning through the soles of their feet, Dorrance Dance honours the past and the future of tap in SOUNDspace.

Created originally as a site-specific piece for St. Marks Church in New York City, incorporating the materiality and acoustics of the place, SOUNDspace puts the vocabulary of tap fully and astoundingly on display. Channeling the great tap masters of the past, from Bill “Bojangles” Robinson to John Bubbles, the members of the company pay homage to the rich lineage and history of this truly American art form.

Whether it’s the glissando slide of socks, the slap of bare feet or the almighty roar of heels, the tonal variations and dynamic range create an accompanying score that moves from silence to all-out cacophony.

Shot through with spiky rhythms, quick stepping prowess and the oceanic rush of bodies moving in concert, SOUNDspace vaults tap into an entirely new arena. As the virtuoso display of articulate feet and full-body percussion gives rise to a wall of sound, the performers unite, building a syncopated conflagration that will burn down the house. 

Dorrance Dance was originally scheduled to perform in Vancouver in May of 2020.

Dates Apr 19, Fri 8:00pm
Apr 20, Sat 8:00pm

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