Kidd Pivot

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Venue: Vancouver Playhouse

DanceHouse presents Kidd Pivot - Assembly Hall

Created by Crystal Pite and Jonathon Young

A group of medieval re-enactors have come together for an Annual General Meeting in their local community hall. As the Board of Directors, they oversee an event called “Quest Fest” that has fallen on hard times: membership is dwindling, debt is mounting, and the hall is falling apart. Unless something drastic happens, the Directors of this venerable order will be facing dissolution. As the meeting progresses, the line between real and re-enactment begins to blur, ancient forces are awoken, and it soon becomes clear that there is something much more at stake here than a mock-medieval tournament.

From the team that brought you the ground-breaking, award-winning productions of Betroffenheit and Revisor, comes Kidd Pivot’s latest offering: a dance theatre hybrid that promises the company’s signature wit and invention. Fuelling Kidd Pivot’s work is a fascination with story and the role of language as an animating force.

Dates Oct 25, Wed 8:00pm
Oct 26, Thu 8:00pm
Oct 27, Fri 8:00pm
Oct 28, Sat 8:00pm

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