DanceHouse: RUBBERBAN-Dance Group

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At the Vancouver Playhouse

DanceHouse presents: RUBBERBANDance Group - Ever So Slightly

In their inaugural presentation with DanceHouse, powerhouse Canadian company RUBBERBANDance kicks off with a roar. Choreographer Victor Quijada marshals the forces of ten extraordinary performers and live music from composer/DJ Jasper Gahunia and violinist William Lamoureux to take apart the mechanisms of compliance and control with near-surgical precision. One moment, the dancers look like inmates in an asylum, the next, street dance warriors in boiler-suited conformity.

As bodies jerk and flail, dystopic contests of aggression and violence are stripped away. What emerges is a path towards genuine resistance and liberation.

Dates Mar 20, Fri 8:00pm
Mar 21, Sat 8:00pm

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