*Cancelled* Finding Neverland

Jeff Sullivan and Conor McGiffin

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At the Queen Elizabeth Theatre

This event has been cancelled.

Your safety is our number one priority and we’re working with Ticketmaster to address all of your concerns about cancellations and the rescheduling of events at the Vancouver Civic Theatres.

Ticketmaster has created a Help Center to provide fans guidance about what to do in the case that an event is cancelled or being rescheduled. You can also see a full list of event updates here. Be sure to check back regularly for additional information.

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Performance Dates

Apr 7, Tue 8:00pm
Apr 8, Wed 8:00pm
Apr 9, Thu 8:00pm
Apr 10, Fri 8:00pm
Apr 11, Sat 2:00pm
Apr 11, Sat 8:00pm
Apr 12, Sun 2:00pm
Apr 12, Sun 7:30pm
Dates Apr 7 - 12

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