Regeneration: Por Derecho

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Venue: ANNEX

Flamenco Rosario presents Regeneration: Por Derecho

Flamenco Rosario presents Regeneration: Por Derecho, featuring Carmen Young Pérez (Spain), with Yurie Kaneko, and Katia Flores. “Por Derecho” is a flamenco expression that translates to “in my own right”. This year we present artists who are making flamenco their own and have earned the right to stand on stage and be recognized for their experience, passion and knowledge.

They are joined by Gareth Owen (guitar), Davide Sampaolo (percussion), Alvaro Echanove (vocals).

Photos by Lucre Photo

This production is supported by British Columbia Arts Council, Province of British Columbia, Canada Council of Arts, City of Vancouver, and Vancouver Civic Theatres.

Date Apr 27
Start time 8:00pm

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