Her Story: Canadian Women Scientists

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Her Story: Canadian Women Scientists

“Her Story: Canadian Women Scientists,” a film series dedicated to sharing the stories of Canadian women scientists, will premiere on September 13th and 14th at the Annex theatre. Four pairs of local filmmakers and Canadian women scientists collaborated to create 5-6 minute videos; for each film in the series, a scientist tells her own story, interwoven with the story of an inspiring Canadian women scientist who came before her in her field of study.

Produced by Vancouver-based non-profit organization Curiosity Collider, this project was developed to address the lack of storytelling videos showcasing remarkable women scientists and their work available via popular online platforms. “Her Story reveals the lives of women working in science,” said Larissa Blokhuis, curator for Her Story. “This project acts as a beacon to girls and women who want to see themselves in the scientific community. The inter-generational nature of the project highlights the fact that women have always worked in and contributed to science.”

Film screening and talk back
Friday the 13th of September (Doors at 6pm, screening at 7pm). This screening will be followed by a talk-back with the production team, including the collaborating filmmakers and scientists.

Film screening and panel discussion
Saturday the 14th of September (Doors at 2pm, screening at 3pm). This screening will be followed by a panel discussion, with a focus on the contributions of women in science, as well as representations of women in science and culture.

This project is supported by WWEST (Westcoast Women in Engineering, Science and Technology) and eng.cite. The event venue is supported by the Vancouver Civic Theatres.

Tickets From $15
Dates Sep 13, Fri 7:00pm - Doors: 6:00pm
Sep 14, Sat 3:00pm - Doors: 2:00pm

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