Source Amnesia

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Venue: Vancouver Playhouse

At the Vancouver Playhouse

Joshua Beamish/MOVETHECOMPANY present Source Amnesia

After the runaway success of "@giselle" in 2019, Joshua Beamish returns with his first new production in four years.

"Source Amnesia" is the inability to remember where, when, or how previously learned information was acquired. If one cannot recall the source of an act or event, it is possible to believe false prompts as fact, rather than fiction. Beamish places five dance artists into this ever-shifting reality to expose the fragility of truth. Exploring pertinent and critical themes of misinformation, fake news and memory distortion, this production reflects our moment in history.

In developing this full-length dance work, Beamish draws upon two sources: his own family’s experiences with dementia and amnesia, which impacted his relationships with both of his grandmothers, as well as research conducted on two historical examples of episodic memory distortion and memory distrust syndrome.

Featuring performances by Marisa Christogeorge, Juan Duarte, Evan Rapaport, Renee Sigouin and Calder White

Photos of Renee Sigouin by Jack Tupper

Dates Jan 13, Fri 8:00pm
Jan 14, Sat 8:00pm

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