Li Yugang - Lady Zhaojun

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At the Queen Elizabeth Theatre

Li Yugang - Lady Zhaojun

"Zhaojun Out of the Box" is a poetic dance drama that Li Yugang created over several years. Li Yugang appeared in Zhaojun and used various artistic languages ​​such as music and dance to tell the story of Zhaojun. The play premiered in Beijing in 2015. In the past few years, Li Yugang has completely revised his music, dances and costumes and re-told the legend of “The Four Beauties”. Li Yugang said that among the "The Four Beauties", Zhaojun's story is the most popular, because Zhaojun has a wandering fate herself and also resonates in the deep and heavy feelings of the country, and the acceptance of fate. With such a belief, Li Yugang constantly read about Zhao Jun, studied ancient music, and re-took Zhao Jun's road to the city, re-creating this stage play. While re-creating the classic story of "Zhaojun Out of the Box" to the audience, Li Yugang also brings a visual feast of New Oriental aesthetics to the audience. "Zhaojun Out of the Box" can be described as really filling a gap in the aesthetics of oriental stage drama.

Li Yugang (Chinese: 李玉刚;; pinyin: Lǐ Yùgāng) is a singer and a performer in the China National Opera & Dance Drama Theatre; a member of the National Youth Federation. He specializes in "nan dan" roles - a male who plays female role in Peking opera.

Dates Dec 7, Sat 7:30pm
Dec 8, Sun 7:30pm

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