Madison Beer

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Venue: Queen Elizabeth Theatre

Live Nation presents Madison Beer - The Spinnin Tour

With over 2.4 billion streams earned worldwide, Madison is a dynamic and versatile artist whose sound blends pop, R&B, and soul influences with her powerful, emotive vocals. A creative force and visionary, Madison’s stage performances are meticulously crafted, offering an experience that transports audiences into her imaginative world through her keen eye for aesthetics. Most recently, Madison released her acclaimed second studio album Silence Between Songs, on which she wrote and co-produced all songs. With her exceptional talent for storytelling and emotional depth, Madison explored themes of growth, reflection, and introspection, while delivering a fresh sonic experience and infusing the album’s visual aesthetics with her distinctive artistic vision.

With an audience of over 65 million on social media, Madison is one of the most influential voices of her generation. Her authenticity and openness serve as a beacon of empowerment, through which Madison has become a prominent voice in advocating for mental health awareness, using her platform to inspire and uplift others. Madison put her vulnerability on display with the April 2023 release of her first book, a powerful memoir titled The Half of It. In an honest and unflinching account of self-love, the memoir chronicles the past decade of her life in the spotlight and how her music empowered her to persevere through the challenges that come with being a public figure.

With guest Upsahl

Date Jun 9
Start time 7:30pm
Doors Open 6:30pm

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