Novum Musica

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Venue: ANNEX

Musica Intima Vocal Ensemble presents Novum Musica

Who is this concert for? The classical music influencer - The Spotify playlist curator - The Bandcamp supporter.

Is it really all new music? You’ve never heard this music before, we promise - this concert is exclusively world premieres. New sounds, new ideas, and new faces always make for an exciting evening!

musica intima is firmly committed to educating and championing the next generation of Canadian composers - novum musica has been running since 2014. A crucial part of the education program is the final showcase - we find such joy in sharing the new sounds created by the composers of the future!

novum musica is pay-what-you-will.

Date Feb 12
Start time 7:30pm
Doors Open 6:30pm

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