Venue: ANNEX

Musica Intima presents music by Joelysa Pankanea 

Please note that we will not be performing the previously announced new commission "Husk" as part of this performance. Joelysa's beautiful 'The First Stage' and 'The Fifth Stage' will be performed alongside other works. Tickets purchased before this announcement (February 26, 2024) are eligible for a refund by emailing

PARENTAL DISCRETION ADVISED: The First and Fifth Stage deal with adult themes and will include strong language, so may not be suitable for all ages.

Who is this concert for? ​Chamber music enthusiasts, lovers of Scandi-noir soundtracks and seekers of emotional release.

The concert features ​Joelysa Pankanea’s heart-wrenching The First Stage and the world premiere of her new arrangement of The Fifth Stage - together, the pieces are a set of reflections on the death of her parents. For both, we’ll be joined by Mark Haney on bass, Martin Fisk on marimba, and Mark Takeshi McGregor on alto flute.

Joelysa’s immensely personal and beautiful works are fulfilling both to sing and to experience - we’re excited revisit the First Stage and explore this new adaptation of The Fifth Stage!

Tickets From $10
Date Apr 20
Start time 7:30pm
Doors Open 6:00pm

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