Wild Cats of India

With Sandesh Kadur

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At the Orpheum

Vancouver Civic Theatres presents National Geographic Live – Wild Cats of India with Sandesh Kadur

Sandesh Kadur first encountered a wild cat in his native India as a teenager—after sitting in a tree for hours under a full moon, a leopard walked directly under him. The experience sparked a fascination that led him to spend his career documenting the country’s unmatched diversity of wild cats. With landscapes spanning the towering Himalaya, arid plains, and dense jungles, India is home to 15 species of wild cats, more than any other country in the world. While many of its big cats are well known and thoroughly documented, Kadur is on a mission to highlight the country’s lesser-known felines in order to protect their future.

Finding and filming India’s often elusive small cats challenges Kadur’s patience, natural history knowledge, and skills as a photographer and filmmaker. He traveled to remote villages in the frigid Himalaya in search of the grumpy-faced Pallas’s cat, whose tiny size made it extraordinarily difficult to track. His pursuit of a fishing cat, which jumps into water to catch its prey and has learned to thrive alongside human habitation, brought him to one of India’s most densely populated regions. And he spent years attempting to capture images of the mysterious clouded leopard, considered the evolutionary link between big and small cats, in the wild.

Through Kadur’s captivating images and video, get an up-close look at a world of wild cats you’ve never seen before.


Date Oct 24
Start time 7:30pm


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