Zahak, The Serpent King

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Venue: ANNEX

New Works presents Zahak, The Serpent King by The Biting School

The world premiere of Zahak, The Serpent King, a mesmerizing production inspired by the Persian myth of Zahak. This innovative performance will captivate audiences with its unique blend of physical theatre, dance, surrealist imagery, and the intriguing theme of the Serpent King.

Zahak was a prince who made a pact with the devil and killed his own father. The devil kissed him on the shoulders and there grew two snakes. The two snakes gave him so much pain and fear; but every time he cut them off, they would grow again. He is told there’s only one way he can calm them down, and that is to kill two young men every day and feed their brains to the snakes.

Inspired by a Persian myth, directors Aryo and Arash Khakpour invite audiences into a mesmerizing world slippery snakes and movement.

Dates Nov 30, Thu 8:00pm
Dec 1, Fri 8:00pm
Dec 2, Sat 8:00pm

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