*Cancelled* Song for a Lost Pod

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PuSh Festival: Song for a Lost Pod by Leah Abramson - *Cancelled*

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This nine-song cycle makes spectacular use of orca vocalizations, transforming them into rhythmic beats in a musical exploration of historical trauma, environmental crisis, and communication between species. Leah Abramson first composed Songs for a Lost Pod as an EP, combining scientific research, marine history, and recordings of killer whales—in particular, the A5 pod which dwells in the Pacific Northwest. The work has been transformed for the stage, and now features live narration, six vocalists, and a five-piece band, as well as shadow puppetry and projections by visual artists Mind of a Snail.

Thematically expansive and deeply political, Abramson’s show radiates compassion for orcas, who have suffered from pollution, capture, and inhuman treatment. Branching out from that history, she incorporates the story of her own family’s plight during and after the Holocaust. Musically innovative, gently lyrical, and profoundly moving, this is musical theatre at its most creative.

Co-presented by Music on Main and PuSh International Performing Arts Festival.

Dates Feb 2, Wed 7:30pm
Feb 3, Thu 7:30pm

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